Monday, January 14, 2008

100 Calorie packs

If you are like me 100 calorie packs are a great snack choice. I know they are not the most economical to buy but they stop me from over indulging. On Amazon they have a good deal right now on Right Bites 100 calorie packs. If you spend $49 you get $20 off instantly with the code KELLOGG1. I bought 2 Keebler Right Bites Mini Fudge Stripes 100 Calorie Packs (6 boxes each) and 1 Sunshine Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers, Right Bites 100 Calorie Packsfor $29.95. That comes to $1.66 per box which is a good deal. Don't forget to check free shipping. Happy Snacking!!

1 comment:

Carleen said...

you must live in the US-- those 100 cal packs sound divine...we have a small selection here in Canada.... we sometimes cross the border to shop in bellingham- i'll be looking for those!!