Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday-Saving Money

Crystal Over at Biblical Womanhood hosts "Frugal Friday". Today she asked 5 painless ways we saved $100 last year. So here are my 5 ways. Of course most of these were with the help of my husband
1. Check out movies from the library instead of renting them.
2. We bought a used mini-van instead of getting a new one. Obviously this saved us thousands of dollars and we got a great van.
3. I took lots of surveys from many different sources and used what I earned to buy Christmas gifts. I will post later the survey sites I use.
4. We switched our phone to the Internet and got the cheapest package. This saved about $20 a month.
5. I bought most gifts this year on Amazon keeping away the temptations at the mall. For 95% of my purchases I paid no shipping. I love Amazon and would consider myself an Amazon junkie.
I have to admit that it can become very addicting finding ways to pinch a few pennies.


Christina said...

I like the idea of switching the phone to the internet. My only question is how does 911 work, can the emergancy operator locate you if you aren't able to tell them?

Beth said...

We use Vonage and we do have 911 service with them. Check with the company if you plan to use them. i also like that if for some reason we lose our internet connection it routes the call to my cell phone.

Chubby Chick said...

What great ideas! I'm quite interested in finding out what surveys you do, so I can't wait 'til you post more information! :)