Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Love Tea

Those of you that know me personally this comes as no suprise. Tonight I am drinking Chocolate Mint tea which should nor suprise you either since I love chocolate and mint together. For my weight loss support group and my weight loss blog friends it is a great alternative to a high calorie dessert. Since it is the end of National Hot tea month I though I would share a great tea source that I discovered. This summer while I was visiting my sister in Connecticut I was looking for a tea shop that we could enjoy. I didn't find one but what I did discover was a jewel, it is a shop and wholesaler that blends their own tea called Simpson and Vail. They have wonderful tea blends and a huge selection to choose from. Their teas are wonderful and so is their service. I have been to the shop twice now and have sent my sister back for more. But don't worry you can get their teas too, either online or request a catalog. Some of my favorites are:
  • Rootbeer (it is wonderful believe it or not)
  • Earl Grey Extra- if you like Earl Grey this is a must.
  • Duke Cardiff Blend- it came highly recommended by a regular customer
  • Highland Morn Blend- it is great to get your day started.
  • Chocolate Mint-great for after dinner.
  • Blue Mist- I got it in a grean tea and it is very refreshing.

There are many more that I want to try but my I can't fit anymore tea in my cupboard. Well I could find room but my husband would disagree. Let's just say I won't be running out of tea anytime soon.

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Dora and Adam said...

What a great store. I love the aroma when you go in there.

Beth, I just sent off some more Rootbeer tea yesterday.