Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well I did not weigh-in today. I am sure it would not have looked good though. My daughter has come down with a nasty bug so I let her sleep in this morning. So tomorrow I will go and face the scale.
I wanted to share with you some websites that have helped me in my journey.

I hope that these will help you as well. A lot of my inspiration has come from other people and the success that they have had. I hope that I in return may inspire someone else. My journey is not complete by any means but I have learned a lot and come along way.


Tori said...

Just found your place and I'm looking forward to reading more.
I'm also on the same WW journey and many a Weigh-in I didn't! :0)

Gotta run, gonna do a little more reading, good luck!

Carleen said...

love the websites...I have been to dotties lots myself...its a great site

Take Care

CAP said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better. There is no need to be hard on yourself when it comes to journaling. It's challenging to do everyday. Here and there, and it will come.