Friday, February 29, 2008

Check Your Receipt

It is Frugal Friday over at Biblical Womanhood and this is an article I borrowed from my husband's website .

Each and every time you finish shopping, check your receipt carefully. Mistakes can and do happen no matter how careful you or the store staff might be. State inspections since 2001 have shown that errors occur with about 50% of items scanned at checkout. If you are overcharged and you don't catch it, it's your pocketbook that takes the hit! And remember that once you leave the store, it will be more difficult or at least inconvenient to have to return later if you find an error after leaving and it may not be worth the cost of gas to make the return trip!
It helps to pay careful attention to the prices of the items you are buying when you place them in the cart. A written list would be a wise way to keep track of prices, especially if you are buying more than just a few items. Some states require stores to provide you with a pen for this purpose if needed.
Check your state laws for additional legal benefits too. For instance, in the State of Michigan if a store charges a customer more than an item's sticker price as a result of a scanning error, the store is legally bound to pay the customer the difference between the amount charged and the price marked plus a "bonus" of ten times the difference, with a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of $5.00. How's that for incentive to stop and check your receipt?

Click here to check our Michigan's Item Pricing laws.


S.B. said...

What a great law! I wish we had that in PA.


Lynn said...

I always check our receipt... and I keep a mental math total running in my head the whole time. It's hard, because the cash registers at our store are so weird. Sometimes it registers our "VIC" savings when you ring up the item, and sometimes it doesn't note the sale price until the bottom... and it'll list my diet coke as barq's rootbeer, or any number of other 'make this as confusing as possible so they can't catch us overcharging them!' tricks...