Friday, February 22, 2008

Discount Disney DVD Replacements

If your family owns Disney DVDs, they probably see a lot of use. If those DVDs are frequently handled by little hands, they may suffer occasional abuse. Sometimes that abuse leaves a DVD unplayable. It becomes a "coaster." If that DVD happens to be one of your tot's favorite videos, you'll probably be seriously considering purchasing a replacement.
As an alternative to spending full price to buy a new copy from the Store, Disney provides a service through which they will provide you a replacement DVD for a significantly discounted price ($6.95 as of February, 2008) when you send them the damaged original (with packaging). Depending on the DVD in question, that represents a sizable savings. This is especially true if your damaged DVD was orginally part of a multi-disc set.
We made use of this service when our children destroyed our Toy Story 2 DVD which had been part of the Toy Story 2 Pack that included the original movie along with the sequel. Not wanting to spend full price to buy another copy of Toy Story 2, but knowing how much our children enjoyed watching it over and over (again and again and again...), we decided it was worth giving this service a try. We sent in the damaged DVD and the check as instructed. Maybe a week or two later, our replacement DVD arrived in the mail and it has been watched repeatedly since. We were pleasantly surprised with the convenience and quality of this relatively unheard-of Disney service. This is also a great service because many Disney DVD's are only available for a limited time.
Learn more about this Disney DVD Replacement program.
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