Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Healthy You Check-In

February was going to be my great month that I made out of the 160's after being here for over 8 months playing with the same 5 lbs. Well guess what, I am still playing. I weighed-in last Thursday because once again the roads were awful Wednesday . After nearly being killed going to weigh-in on a snowy day I decided that if the roads are bad I don't go until the next day. Anyway I went Thursday and I was up 2.6 lbs. It was no suprise I knew it was coming after an awful week the previous week with no weigh-in at all. It still hurt and I was still angry with myself because once again I had sabatogged my goal. I know the month is not over but it would mean 5lbs to loss in the next week. Somehow I am not sure it will happen. I am not giving up though.

I know part of my problem is routine. I have been thinking I need to up the anti on my exercise. I have even been thinking about a new exercise routine. I am open to suggestions of DVD's you really like. I will still continue with The Firm but I want to add something to it and replace some of the time on the treadmill.

Journaling has been really bad. Okay I haven't done it for weeks, but today I am back on track and I hope to stay that way. If I would just take a few minutes I know it would make a big difference. I just have to remind myself of the importance of writing everything down.

I am going to try some new recipes as well to add a little variety back into our meals. I am trying to eat less processed foods but I always keep going back to what is easy.

Hopefully I will be able to weigh-in tomorrow and my efforts to get back on track will show. I know that everyday is a new opportunity to be the healthy pearson I know I can be.


Hanlie said...

I'm sorry you're up! Well done on getting back on track.

HappyBlogChick said...

Journaling has been something I've let slip lately, too. But it's so important. When I'm journaling I'm on plan, and when I'm on plan I lose. The journaling helps me plan, it helps me weigh my choices, and it keeps me from eating in an out-of-control way because I don't want to have to write down sooo much food!

So ... we'll both focus on journaling. :-)

It's great to try to eat fewer processed foods, but maybe this week you focus on staying in your points and journaling, and then next week or the week after you focus on eating fewer processed foods. Don't get me wrong, they're both important, but sometimes it's hard to focus on so much at the same time.

Anyway, hang in there. You CAN do this!

Cammy said...

Looks like you've got your focus back, and you'll take care of that gain in no time!

Dora said...

Take a look at the other "firm" dvds on Amazon. There are quite a few out there.

Also try Yoga. You know I love it (when I get around to doing it :) That is a whole other story.

And, if you really get bored on the treadmill put in a travel dvd. Get the free ones from the cruise websites. That should take you mind off of traveling in circles.

Carol said...

If you really want to torture yourself, you could get Billy Blanks. :) I have his boot camp elite series and it's a killer but it's a great workout and calorie burner.