Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have always been inspired by looking at success stories. I love seeing pictures at how much weight people have lost. It keeps me motivated to keep going and to do my best to make myself healthy. I have never taken progress pictures of myself which I probably should have done, but I can't change that and I am not going back to do it again. Anyway, the other night I was putting some old photos on my computer and I came across this picture.

When I saw it tears came to my eyes because I realized how unhealthy I was but at the time I would not admit to myself that I had a weight problem. There was so many things I could not do because of limitations due to my weight. I still do not like to admit that I had allowed myself to get to this weight or show pictures of myself but this has become my motivation to keep going and to reach my goal. Here is where I am know and this is my motivation to never go back.


Felicia said...

Simply put "WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING". If the difference in those photos doesnt keep you facing forward I dont know what would. I would be lost with out my photos. Only thing I regret the most is that I have so few "before" photos.

Keep up the AMAZING work!!

Dora said...

Wow.... okay so you got me... I am the before picture right now. :( I have to get working on it.

Hanlie said...

I'm also the before picture! You look amazing now! Well done! I'm inspired!

HappyBlogChick said...

Look at you! You look STUNNING! Talk about something to be proud of. Keep these two pictures handy - I bet when you're having a hard day this will help you feel good about how well you're doing.


Cammy said...

You're gorgeous in BOTH pictures (what a lovely smile!), but your pride and sense of accomplishment just shine in the second photo! Congrats on your successes, and also for getting yourself back on track after an icky week!

ErinKH said...

Girl, you look great! I'm so proud of you and I don't even know you :) You are an inspiration. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is such and small world! I look forward to getting to know you a little better.

Oksana said...

Hi, wow what a difference! I didn't realize it back then when you looked like pic#1. Now you look like on your wedding picture - even better!:)
Happy Love Day, btw!:)

Tori said...

WOW, you look lovely. ISnt' it amazing what loosing a few pounds can do for us. I'm always amazed to see such beautiful people hiding under all the pounds. I can relate!
Just found you, I'll look around some more.

Bev said...

WOW!!!!! That is great and you look wonderful! =0