Friday, February 15, 2008

Survey Rewards

On Monday I posted about the different survey sites that I use to earn a little extra money. When I receive checks I usually put them in my checking account but I usually stockpile my giftcards and save them to buy Christmas presents for my husband. I don't have much income since I stay at home so it is important to me to feel I am using my own money to buy his Christmas gifts. One year I just bought my husband a wallet and filled it with giftcards that I had earned. With the points that I earn from Zoom Panel I save them up until October and then order my prizes. Last year I got my husband a car vac, 2 DVD's a CD and 10 music downloads for both him and my son. When December comes around it is a great feeling to know most of my shopping is already done.

For other great frugal ideas visit Biblical Womanhood .


Earthmommy said...

Thanks for this suggestion! I do paid blogging but I would like to try surveys too.

Laura said...

Thank you for posting this. I've tried a few surveys, but have felt like I got the 'run around' with them and then just got put on a bunch of I get SPAM all the time! I'll check out the ones you suggested!

Carleen said...

too cool... you can make money from surveys??? this I gotta check out!!!

thanks for stopping by my blog
have a good weekend!

Dora said...

Another tip is to make sure that any credit cards you do use, you sign up for their rewards points. I have American Express and we do all our shopping at the end of the year with the reward points we earn and trade in for credit cards.

Also, if you have student loans check out When I shop online, I shop through there and since I would be buying the items anyway, I get the percentage paid toward my loans.

BarbaraLee said...

I tried this and got no where. I had to join a membership and the surveys wanted either my credit card or took for ever to do. What is the deal with them anyhow? I was getting very mad at this.