Friday, March 28, 2008

Frugal Friday

Shop with a Caclulator

Take a calculator with you to the supermarket to help you more easily recognize the best bargain when comparing brands and sizes. A calculator makes it easier to compare similar items with different costs per unit or cost per use.
You may already have a calculator with you even though you may not realize it. Today's cell phones and PDAs frequently come with calculator features. Check yours to see if it has such a built-in calculator and you won't need to bring along a separate one.
My Husband is very big on using the calculator has tought me how it can truly save us money. You can visit his money saving website at

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Babsi said...

Hi! I totally agree. I never did this until recently but now when ever I leave the house I make sure I have a small calculator in my purse. I check the price per oz. or unit and figure out the best deal. I also total my order before I check out because I am now paying in cash.

CC said...

I just started doing this recently. But everytime I put the calculator down it gets bumped and I loose my numbers! I'd love to find one of those clipboards (for the shopping list) with the calculator at the top! :)