Friday, March 14, 2008

Make Your Own Flush Savers

Toilets made in the past decade use much less than water than older models. If you have an older model toilet, you can reduce the amount of water it uses by filling a small dish (like a 16 oz margarine tub) with large stones. Then fill the remaining space with water and snap on its fitted lid to seal it. Place the sealed container in the fill tank of your toilet. Be sure to place it as far from the fill tube and moving parts as possible.
The result will be that your toilet will use one less pint of water each time it gets flushed. If you live in the county, that equates to less electricity used by your well pump which means money saved. If you use city water, it means more money saved since your sewage bill is likely tied to your water usage, which will be reduced.

Bottom Line:
Save $4.80 per year.*(*Individual results will vary. Calculations based on 1 pint per flush x 5 flushes per day x 350 days = 1750 pints = 218.75 gallons @ $.011 per gallon = $2.40 x 2 toilets. We assumed 2 toilets in regular use, 3 5-day vacations away from home and referenced local city water and sewer rates [combined for simplicity].)
These calculations were done by my husband at
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