Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meijer Savings

It a great week to take advantage of the 11/$10 at Meijer. Here are the deals I took advantage of this week.

Not all of these were in the 11/$10 sale but the things that weren't I had coupons for except the milk. I bought 14 items for a total of $7.71 and had a savings of $23.23.

The Crest toothpaste, Glade, Chex mix and Cheerios snack mix were all free. Check any magazines you got in the mail lately because there was $1.00 of Glade spray making it free.

To see a list of the deals at Meijer this week go here.

For more deals at your favorite store be sure to visit BeCentsable .


Sonshine said...

Good deals!! I loved Meijers ad this week!! I just wished they would double coupons at my local one! :)

Kim said...

Ok I shop Meijer and am just getting into this saving. I so need help on how to stock pile and organize coupons. Our paper STINKS as we don't have a sunday paper, we do get redplum in it I believe. I am starting from SCRATCH!!!!
Any help would be appreciated!!

Beth said...

Kim I have posted on how I obtain my coupons so you may want to check it out.

Dora said...

Right.... you love taking pictures of food. Ha Ha. Did you like the TAVA. I don't like that particular flavor. I like the berry better.