Friday, March 21, 2008

New 2X Laundry Detergents

Several weeks ago I posted about the great deals that I got on Tide and Downy. They were marked down 75%. If you look at the Tide shelf now it is filled with the new 2X Ultra Tide. The bottle is much smaller because it contains 44% less water but still washes the same number of loads. If you haven't seen it on your store shelves yet you will soon. This is not a bad thing but for those of you who do not measure your laundry detergent this can be a huge waste of money. I know because that use to be me. I have always considered myself pretty frugal but never could be bothered to measure. I am not sure why because the cap is so convenient. Luckily I noticed my mistake and started measuring before this change to more concentrated detergent. If you are not yet measuring start now. Trust me you will notice how much longer your detergent lasts. Tide is not the only company making these changes I have noticed lots of concentrated products on the shelves. Also if you are using these concentrated detergents as a pretreater do not pour it out. Dip your finger or measuring spoon in to just get a small amount to rub on your clothing item.

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