Saturday, March 1, 2008

Super Saving Saturday-Easter Candy

This week at CVS I did the Nestle deal and bought most of my candy for Easter. We have an egg hunt at church and I got some for that and also some for my kids Easter baskets.

1 Fusion razor-$9.99( $4.00 coupon)

1 Soft Soap-$1.79

2 Sweetarts-$1.98

2 Cadbury Cream eggs-$1.00

2 Wonka Eggs-$1.00

2 Babe Ruth's-$1.00

2 bags of Nestle eggs- $5.00($1.00 coupon)

1 Coffee Nips- $.99($.55 coupon)

2 Nestle Crunch Bars- $1.00

1 Butterfinger Bar-$.50

Total spent oop- $3.70

Savings -$27.76

Used $15 ECB

Earned $7 ( The Nestle Deal didn't produce the ECB's so I was also given $5.00 in cash. I will just save it for my next CVS trip.)

For those of you that asked:

oop= out of pocket

ECB=extra care bucks- they print out at the bottom of your CVS receipt.

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Carol B. said...

You did great! I love those coffee Nips.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Great job. I saved by ECB for this week since i really prefer Hershey candy over Nestle. I had a bad experience with butterfingers in my childhood;)

Have a good weekend.