Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Savings Saturday~Meijer, CVS

This week at Meijer they had their 10 for $10 dollar sale. I love this sale because you get really get 11 items for $10 because they give you one free if you buy 10. I had some great coupons for the Aunt Jemima breakfast products and they had an in-store special if you bought 5 you got 2 cans of orange juice free. For the 25 items (worth $39.22) I have here I spent $14.75 plus I had a $10 coupon for using my Meijer credit card so my total for all of these items was $4.75 .

I made several trips to CVS this week. I started the week out with $6 in ECB and ended the week with $21.92. This was the trip that I spent the least out of pocket. I got:

$5.70 worth of pictures
2 Johnson Buddies detanglers
1 Venus razor
1 Crest pro health mouth wash.

I spent $1.92 oop and earned $6.00 in ECB

For Super Saving Saturday visit Money Saving Mom.

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