Saturday, May 3, 2008

Super Saving Saturday~CVS and Freebies

It has been a crazy week so I didn't really do much shopping. There were several deals I wanted to take advantage of but did not get the chance. Here is what I got at CVS this week.
2 Diet Pepsi's
1 Bic Soleil razor
1 Touch of Gray hair color (only a money maker)
1 100 Grand Bar (used as a filler)

I spent .78 cents oop and received $10.99 in ECB . I also sent in a rebate for $7.99 for the hair color.

I also wanted to post some of the Freebies I got in the mail the past two weeks. It has been exciting going to the mail box the past couple of weeks. The Claritin and Silk Soymilk I received from BzzAgent as a member.
To see how other did this week be sure to visit BeCentsAble and Money Saving Mom.

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