Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Wonderful Tea

Twice a year we have a tea with the ladies from church. All the ladies are invited but we use this time to reveal or secret sisters we have had for the for the past six months. This time one of our dear members hosted the tea at her home. It was absolutely incredible. She had a beautifully set table and some very delicious food. After we had stuffed ourselves she brought out some of the best desserts. I think it was one of the best Teas that I have ever experienced and a wonderful afternoon spent with my Christian sisters.

The beautiful table.

We got a cute little teapot to take home and teapot shaped cookies.

Emma's gift from a Secret Sister that has remained secret.


Jo said...

Lovely table setting. Our church also has a "Ladies Tea" at Christmas, along the same lines. The theme being Christmas, each hostess decorates her table with the most beautiful china and each guest brings along a plate of delish eats. After a good feast we sing Christmas Carols and the fellowship is tremendous.

Lynn said...

Bwah! Those are the same bowls that I have! Solstice Red, from Target! Hehe!!