Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Saving Saturday~Meijer

This is what you can get at Meijer for $5.48 thanks to sales and some great coupons. I did have a $10 coupon from my Meijer card otherwise it would have been $15.48. My savings were $45.23 . So for $5.48 I got

2 16oz bags ot Tilapia
2 bags of Meijer frozen vegetables
4 pack of Tava
2 Pepsi 2 liters
Fiber One yogurt
Yoplait Kids yogurt
Weight Watchers ice cream bars
Ragu pasta sauce
Kashi Vive cereal
2 Lean Cuisine flat breads
Cheerios Snack mix
Pint of Blueberries

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1 comment:

Sonshine said...

Great job, Beth!

$10 coupon from your Meijer card??!! How did you manage that?? I think I need to figure out a way to shop at your Meijer store instead of mine! :)