Monday, July 7, 2008

The Grocery Gathering~ Meijer

July 6-July12

Meijer half gallon ice cream 4/$10.
1.00 off 1 Mealbox coupon
$1.50 per carton

Meijer frozen blended vegetables 10/$10.
.50 off 1 mealbox coupon
.50 per bag

Meijer Spaghetti,Thin Spaghetti or Elbows 2/$1
.50 off 1 mealbox coupon

Meijer Sour Cream 4/$5
.50 off 1 mealbox coupon
.75 per container

Meijer Frozen Potatoes 5/$10
$1 per bag

Meijer Frozen Fruit 3/$8
$1.67 per bag.

Powerade .59 cents
.75 off 1 coupon 06-08 S exp.10-31

Tropicana Pure Valencia 2/$7
$1 off 1 coupon 04-20 RP exp.07-31
$2.50 per container

Northland Cranberry Juice 2/$5
$1/2 coupon 05-04 S exp.08-31
$2 per container

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing 16oz. 3/$7
.50 off 1 coupon(doubled) 06-08 RP exp.07-22
$1.33 per bottle

Covergirl TruBlend Family Foundation,Concealer or Blush B1G1

Meijer Brand 10/$10 (get 11th free) Deals

Old Fashioned Cookies
Waffles or Breakfast Entrees
Facial Tissue
Microwave Popcorn
Paper Towels
Plastic Plates,Cups,Bowls or M Cutlery
Pastry Treats
Fruit Snacks
Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls and Pizza Crust
Meijer Storage Bags
Split Top Breads
Popcorn, Corn Chips or Cheese Treats
Ketchup 20 or 24 oz bottle
Hamburger Dill Slices 32oz jar
Meijer Salad Dressing or croutons
Frozen Lemonade,Fruit Punch, Apple Juice or Grape Juice Cocktail
Plastic wrap or Wax Paper
Organic whole or Mini Bella Mushrooms 8 oz
Albacore Solid white Tuna in water
Graham Cracker Crust
Baked Beans
Mini Pizza Bagel Snacks
Skillet Basics or Boxed Potatoes
Party Pops
Liquid Dish Soap
English Muffins
Aspirin 26 or 100 count


Sonshine said...

I am joining back into the fun this week! I posted this week's deals as well! My store doesn't double coupons! :(

Glad to see that you made it thru the storm last week with minimum damage!! We didn't lose power but we did have several tree branches that came down out of our big silver maple tree. Thankfully none hit our house! People who did lose power some of them didn't get their power back for 4 days around here!!

Enjoy your week!

Thrifty and chic mom said...

Thanks for the Meijer layout!