Friday, September 5, 2008

Christian Woman

I received my new copy of Christian Woman Magazine in the mail today. It is a wonderful magazine full of very uplifting articles and practical christian advice. Just recently I became cyber friends with a wonderful christian woman named Melissa Lester. I stumbled upon her blog A Little Loveliness on a another blog I like to visit about tea. Well it so happens that Melissa is has a regular article in the magazine called Creative Corner. If you visit her blog you will see just how creative she is. When I pulled my mail out of the mailbox today I was surprised to see Melissa's beautiful face was smiling at me. She was on the cover of Christian Woman Magazine. (The cover I have posted here is not her). She wrote a wonderful feature article this month as well as her regular Creative Corner. You can order Christian Woman Magazine for yourself here. If you are looking for magazine to help you in your Christian walk I highly suggest Christian Woman.

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