Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meeting a Survivor

My kids love to watch Survivor. One of their favorites is Erik Reichenbach from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites because he is from Michigan. Actually he is from a town not far from here. It is known that he worked at Screams ice cream store in Hell, Michigan. Today we went there to rent a canoe to take a trip upon several local lakes. The kids were so excited that we were going there to take our canoe trip and asked if we would see Eric. I said I was unsure if he still worked there. We did not see him there and the kids were a little bummed.

After we left Hell. We went back home and decided to meet my mom and my niece and nephew at a local farm market that has a straw maze the kids love to play in. While the kids were playing my husband I were sitting near by watching and I saw a guy walk in with a bright orange Hell, Michigan T-shirt. Lo and behold it was Erik Reichenbach. So the kids would get to meet him afterall. When I told my son he was there and he was sure I was just trying to tease him.
The kids were so excited. He was very nice to talk to with them and take a picture . He and my son sat and talked awhile before he left. I know it made his day.


Felicia said...

YOu have a beautiful family!! Looks like it was a great day!!

Have a wonderful week!

Power Up Love said...

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Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Your children are precious! Thanks for joining The Posh Parent!

Bella Casa said...

How awesome! My 13 year old would have loved to have met him! What corn maze were you at? We went to the cider mill in South Lyon this year. It was nice for our 4 year old, but not really much for our 13 year old to do.

I love the pic you took of Screams, I could not find a decent one on the net at all. Isn't that a fun place?

My son and I were rooting for Erik all the way...he got really close to the end, was bummed to see him kicked off! Seems like such a nice, down to earth guy, that is so cool that your kids got to meet and talk with him:)

Thanks for telling me about your post, I love it:)