Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Product Review-Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle

I have wanted to buy a Aquadoodle mat for daughter to play with for quite a while. Thanks to Spin Master and Team Mom my daughter is know the proud owner of her very own Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle. I can't say enough good things about this toy. If you have a child who loves to draw you need this mat. First there is no mess. All of the drawing is done with water in the Aqua pen. The pictures your children draw magically disappear without any messes to clean up. The Draw 'N Doodle is a large soft fabric mat which is great for individual or group play. May I suggest if you have more than one child to buy extra pens.
My daughter is 5 and one of her favorite things to do with her mat is to draw the pictures that are along side of the mat. They give you step by step pictures to draw different items. She is so proud of herself because she can now draw a car.

The Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle can be found at most major retailers for about $24.99. It will be well worth your investment. With the holiday season coming up this would be a great gift. As a Mom I absolutely love it and my daughter does too!!

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MizFit said...

SOOOOOOOOOO worth the money spent and especially for traveling (hotel, airport, INLAWS :)).