Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Fall Tea

On Saturday I enjoyed Fall Tea with ladies from church. Our hostess truly went all out to make it a wonderful afternoon for all those who attended. I am sure she spend many hours preparing for this special day.

The picture does not do it justice but Dottie(our most gracious hostess) painted all of the large plates and then gave them to us to take home with us.

She also put jewels on each individual butter knife and gave us those to take home as well. I am truly amazed and inspired by her abilities and so grateful for her never ending generosity. Dottie made the afternoon so special for all of us, one that will not be forgotten.

I am also grateful that I could spend this afternoon with my daughter. She loves tea as much as I do and she was so excited all week, counting down the days until our Tea. I hope that these are days she will always remember. I also pray that she sees the love of Christ through all of the wonderful Christian women we spent the afternoon with.

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