Friday, December 5, 2008

Frugal Friday-Holiday Help

In the past I have posted about the different survey sites that I use to earn a little extra money. You can find a list here.When I receive checks I usually put them in my checking account but I usually stockpile my giftcards and save them to buy Christmas presents for my husband. I don't have much income since I stay at home so it is important to me to feel I am using my own money to buy his Christmas gifts. One year I just bought my husband a wallet and filled it with giftcards that I had earned. With the points that I earn from Zoom Panel I save them up until October and then order my prizes. Last year I got my husband a car vac, 2 DVD's a CD and 10 music downloads for both him and my son. When December comes around it is a great feeling to know most of my shopping is already done.

For other great frugal ideas visit Biblical Womanhood.

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Libby@ My Thrifty Victorian Home said...

Wow! New visiting your site. I will be checking out those survey sites. How much do you earn?!