Monday, December 1, 2008

Tea in the Bedroom

This weekend I did something that I have never done before. I served tea on my bedroom floor. My girlfriend and her husband were staying with us and their infant son was sleeping on the bed. They didn't want to leave him alone in the room so we all decided that we would play the game we were planning on playing on the floor of my room so they could keep on eye on him. While playing, we decided we wanted some tea so I filled up my tea tray and carried it up to my room. We sat and drank tea and played while the baby slept on the bed. My daughter was so taken with it she asked if we could have tea today in my room. I got the tea tray ready and a shortbread for each of us and we sat and had tea on my bedroom floor. I think this could become a tradition. It was such a special time.


Sterling (tea this) said...

Sounds like a fun, cozy experience. I've had tea on a little asian table w/ cushions a few inches off the floor, but haven't tried it directly on the floor.

Cute how kids find enjoyment and adventure out of little breaks in routine.

Thanks for finding us on twitter.

Dora said...

On your floor. Mom must have been over there cleaning.... Ha Ha. Glad you guys had fun. Hey I recognize that tray. One more reason you love coming to Connecticut.

Praise and Coffee said...

That is the tea set that I want if I ever get one, love that pattern!!