Friday, December 12, 2008

Tea Lovers Gift Guide

1.Adiago Teas Variable-Temp Kettle As a tea lover this is tops on my list. I love electric tea kettles but this is a notch above because you can set the temperature in which it shuts off. This is great if you love green tea which will taste bitter if the water reaches boiling.
2. Small Origami Tea Tin from Teavana. These are a must to store loose tea.
3. The Republic of Tea Sampler Cube. The Republic of Tea has many great teas. This is a great way to be able to try a variety to see what your favorite is. My favorite happens to be the Vanilla Almond black tea which is not in the sampler.
4. Abaca Holiday Tea Box from The Mighty Leaf. Tea boxes are always a great gift and this one has some great holiday flavors. There teas come in whole leaf biodegradable tea pouches.
5. Culinary Teas Christmas Sampler. I love Culinary Teas. Holiday teas are a big hit with tea lovers. My favorite tea from this company is their Caribbean Blue Lady Tea. This happens to be my all time favorite tea.
6. Frosted Thermal Travel Tumbler from Teavana. These are great looking mugs to take your tea with you. They come with a built in tea strainer that easily comes out once your tea is done steeping.

7. Reflecting Beauty Gift Box from Simpson & Vail. Flowering teas have become very popular and can take enjoying tea to a new level. Not only can you enjoy the taste but also the look. Simpson & Vail is my favorite place to shop for tea. Whenever I am in Connecticut I am always sure to pay them a visit.

As a tea lover these are things I would love. If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes tea these items should help you in your search.

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