Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday~Insulate Electrical Outlets

You can reduce drafts and thereby cut down on heating costs by insulating your electrical outlets (and light switches). Many people do not realize that each wall outlet is a gaping hole through which drafts find their way through interior walls and into your house. Don't believe us? On some cold, windy day, hold your hand a centimeter or two away from the outlet or light switch of your choice and you're likely to feel that cold air seeping in from the wall.

Reducing those drafts is a very simple project that is quick and inexpensive. You should be able to purchase Electrical Outlet Sealerand light Switch Plate Sealers
at home improvement and hardware stores. They can cost as little as 10 cents each, but can also be bought in multi-packs for a few dollars.

Once purchased, pick a time when you are not rushed and can safely remove the electrical outlet and/or light switch faceplates without posing a risk to any spectators. Most faceplates can be removed with just a screw-driver (and maybe a plastic spatula to help pry it off once the screw is removed). Have some scissors close by in case you need to trim any gaskets for some reason, but most will fit nicely right out of the package.

Once you've set the gasket in place, put the faceplate back on, return the screw and move on to the next. Since exterior walls tend to be more drafty than interior walls, you'll want to start there in case you run out of time or gaskets before finishing all the outlets you plan to seal. Given the ease and low cost involved, it's a good goal to seal all the outlets and light switches in your house.

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Anonymous said...

I am not very handy with electrical work so I just put those plastic baby-profing things in unused outlets.