Saturday, February 28, 2009

February is Over

I am doing a little dance today because when I wake up tomorrow February will be gone and March will be here. I know February is a short month but it always seems so long and dreary up here in the North. I love the beauty of the snow and I appreciate each season but by the time mid February rolls around I am ready for all the snow to go away. This winter has been a long and hard winter and I think most people I know are feeling it and ready for it to be over. The month of March gives us hope that warmer weather is on the way and Spring will be here in a few weeks.

This winter has been a hard one for me physically as well. That could be a post all of it's own. I am doing much better now but am still in physical therapy at least for a few more weeks. I am excited to get outside and walk and play and ride bikes with my kids. In just a week we will have longer days with Daylight Savings Time which always thrills me. Welcome March, may you bring warmer and sunny days.

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