Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Leslie Patricelli Book Review

We love books at our house. My daughter is just learning to read she loves books with repetition. I was so excited to get the new books by Leslie Patricelli in the mail thanks to Team Mom. I decided to keep the Higher Higher book for my daughter and share Baby Happy Baby Sad with my friend's 1 year old. My daughter had fun reading it to him and he was very taken in my the pictures.
Leslie Patricelli is the author and illustrator of a delightful series of bright and engaging children's board books and full-length picture books. Kids love Leslie's Stories because they are fun and silly and parents love them because they teach simple concepts while introducing reading as a fun family activity.

The Bald diaper clad baby is the star of Baby Happy Baby Sad and her other board books giving a fresh take on everyday activities. It has received the Scripps-Howard Best Children's Books of the Year. This book is perfect for toddlers and retails for $6.99

Higher! Higher! is an ingenious picture book of very few words. It expresses the giddy glee of being pushes in a swing. It is for a slightly older audience than the board books but still get for toddlers and those just starting school. It retails for $15.99

I have to admit when I first saw the books I wasn't thrilled with the repetition of the same words but the pictures were so fun and delightful I felt myself being pulled in to the books. My daughter enjoyed them and enjoyed having them read to her as well as reading them herself. As a mom these books get my seal of approval

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