Monday, June 29, 2009

Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits.

Thanks to Mom Central my family has gone on Tour with Guitar Hero On Tour. We have multiple DS players so we received both the Modern Hits game and the Decades game to review. Let me tell you from the minute they came out of the box they were a hit. Both my 10 year old and my 6 year old were addicted. They both mastered it very quickly and were soon showing me their skill. Let me tell you their skill did not wear off on me. I am getting better but I have a long way to go before I am a true rocker. One of the great things is that having 2 different games my kids can connect their games and play together and stream songs between players. My 6 year old is not a big fan of dueling but they do have fun playing a song together. My 10 year old finds his friends when it is time to duel. It is always nice to see my kids playing well together. My son was also glad he did not give away his old DS since the Guitar Hero On Tour games do not work with the new DSi.
My son playing Guitar Hero On Tour
Key Features of Guitar Hero On tour Modern Hits :
  • Rock out to today’s hottest tracks – Shred along to 28 master tracks, all modern rock hits from some of the hottest bands including Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Tenacious D, Weezer, The Strokes and more. Players will tour through five all-new venues that are as extreme as the tunes played in them.
  • Choose your path to stardom – For the first time ever, players can choose how they take their band from the underground music scene to worldwide rock stardom with the exciting non-linear gameplay progression in Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.
  • Do it for the fans – Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits delivers an all-new gameplay experience with Fan Requests. By completing Fan Requests players build their fan base and open up new challenges to rock-out like never before including jamming to an entire song in Hyperspeed, battling it out in a Guitar Duel with active Bomb Notes or whammying every single hold note in a song.
  • Rock out anytime, anywhere – Fans can take the Guitar Hero experience wherever they go with Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits. The Guitar Hero™ Guitar Grip™ mimics a guitar fret board and fits seamlessly in people’s hands to deliver the same core gameplay that defines Guitar Hero.

  • The party never stops – Song streaming features allow players of Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and its predecessors, Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, to share songs via local wireless connectivity. Players can rock out together in multiplayer modes, jamming to tracks from all three versions of the game.

Thanks again to Mom Central for giving us these games to review. My kids thank you as well.

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