Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time for Tea Tuesday

What do you put in your tea?
People prefer their teas many different ways.  Me I am a milk and sugar girl.  I never thought of adding milk to my tea until I went to Wales and then I discovered that I love milk in my tea, especially black teas.  Most herbal teas I drink without milk because it ruins the flavor and can react with the acid if it is a real fruity tea.  I have learned from experience.  So that leads to the question of when to add your milk.  I always brew my tea in a teapot so I add the milk into my cup before I add by brewed tea. 
My favorite sugar to put in tea is raw sugar or Turbinado sugar.  I love the taste that it adds to my tea.  Since I am watching my sugar intake I often use sweetners.  I have recently been turned on to Stevia which I really like and my brand of choice is Stevia Extract in the Raw.  If you are looking for a more natural sweetner you should give it a try.  So tell me how do you like your tea?

Come and share a cup of tea with me and link up your recent tea post.


Prim Rose Hill said...

Hi Beth! I'm just a plain ol' tea person! I know I should be saying SWEEEET tea because I'm a southern girl, but I just like it plain! (hot or cold). Hope you're having a grand tea day!

Marilyn Miller said...

My tea is plain and simple, straight up and no sugar or cream please. Love your beautiful teacup.

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Beth!!
I’m a black tea drinker and I like it with just a hint of sugar and some milk, that's it!!
;0) Helene

Anne Basso said...

A tea lover! And one who's been to Wales! Isn't that beautiful country?

I take my tea with milk and sugar. I drink tea the way other people drink coffee. I have a special mug to take it to work and everything.

Right now, I'm loving Organic Scottish Breakfast tea or Moon over Madagascar (a black tea with vanilla). They're both available at http://www.teasource.com/

I like raw sweetners as well. They're just so much better for you than refined sugar.

I'm excited to follow you. But I'll go grab a cuppa first. ;-)

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I like my tea plain actually! Though sometimes a dessert tea with a little milk or creamer is yummy.