Sunday, November 29, 2009

Connect With K'NEX

We recently received this 400 piece tub from K'Nex  Thanks to Team Mom.  I was excited to get it for my kids and knew my 10 year old would enjoy building with it.   Here is is review of the  product.

The K'Nex are very fun when doing rather simple things.  I had fun building many different things. When trying to build more complicated things...well that's a different story.  While trying to build the truck my hands got all red from trying to force the stubborn pieces together and I chipped  my nails. Out of 5 I would rate this product a 2.5

As a parent I was very impressed with K'NEX.  The 400 piece tub is a great value for the money.  It comes with 20 different models to build with a range of difficulties.  Both my 10 year old and 6 year old could find something they could build.  Some of the harder models were difficult for both of them.  They can also design things on there own and have a fun playing with the K'NEX together.   I also loves that it comes with a storage tub to make it very easy to clean up after the kids are done playing.

You can win $1000 worth of K'NEX products with “Make a K’NEXion” Video Contest.
Get creative with K'NEX!
Now you have the chance to win $1,000 worth of K’NEX Building Sets and be featured on the web site.
How? All you have to do is make a video that showcases your child’s K'NEX building skills and
features your child building with select K’NEX products.* Be creative, use your imagination,
construct your own story – as long as the video features building with K'NEX the possibilities are
The ten best videos will be featured on and one winning video will receive $1,000 worth
of K’NEX Toys.

You can buy the K'NEX tub at Target. Walmart and Toys "R" Us for about $20.99.  I is also available online at Amazon.

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