Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time for Tea Tuesday- Cozy Tea

 I was feeling a bit under the weather today so I made myself a a big pot of tea.  The problem is  when I am drinking a pot alone I  need to keep it warm.  This is when tea cozies come in so handy.  The two that are pictured are not mine but ones that my sister has made.  She is starting to make tea cozies to sell them.  As a matter of fact I believe the brown one has already been sold. She is a wonderful knitter and does such a great job.  If you are interested in her work let me know and I can hook get you in touch.  I am trying to get her to start an Etsy shop because she does beautiful work. One of these days I will learn to knit my own tea cozies but until then I will brag on the work my sister does.


my cup of tea said...

Hi! Those are so cute! Love the orange one, it reminds me of a scarf i had as a kid. I think her etsy would do well!

Southern Touch Catering said...

She does do a great job!