Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Christmas Tradition

 Today the fun begins.  The count down until Christmas.  A few years ago I picked up this snowman that  counts down the days until Christmas.  I thought it was a real fun idea that the kids would love.  I never imagined the HUGE hit it would be.  When I unpack the Christmas decorations the kids are always looking for it.  My son had fun going through his candy to find lollipops to fill it with.  Both kids got up this morning and it was the first thing they talked about.  As soon as my son got home from school today he went right over and got his lollipop.  I am sure my daughter will do the same when she gets home.  I am convinced  that this is a part of my kids Christmas traditions that they will remember for their entire lives and that is so exciting to me.  Do you have any special traditions that you do to count down the days til Christmas?

You will notice the tree.  We call it our Charlie Brown tree.  The lids love to decorate the way they want and they look forward to it each year.  We put it in the kitchen next to their snowman so they have their own little Christmas spot.

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Joshlin said...

I have an ornament that you turn every night and it counts down the days for you. I LOVE it!