Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Years of Tea and Friendship

On January 1st I celebrated 2 years of blogging.  My the content of my blog has changed  a bit over the past two years.  What has not changed is my love for tea and my love to use tea to connect with others.  I started this blog as a suggestion form my husband to try to make a few extra bucks since I do not work outside the home.  Well I have not made much money but have been blessed with so much more.  I have gotten to know many other moms that have taught me many things and formed some wonderful friendships.  The products I can try and the little bit of money I may make can in no way compare to the many people that I would love to be able to sit down with and share our lives over a cup of tea.

The teapot by the way was a Christmas present from my parents.  My mom said when she saw it she immediately thought of me.  I love it and can't wait until I can share a cup of tea from this pot.  Maybe even one day it will be with one of the wonderful women who have entered my life because of this blog.


~Jewel said...

I love you and I love your blog. I am so with you on the invaluable connections. I've met folks, like yourself, that I have no idea how I lived without before.

Kathleen said...

Very true! I have met some wonderful people online - it has been a blessing =)
Lovely teapot!