Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Moms Review - Celtic Woman Songs From the Heart.

After spending many summers in Scotland I have become very fond of Celtic music. Having that love for Celtic music I became aware of Celtic Women several years ago and have seen them several times on my local PBS station. This exciting  5 member Irish female ensemble known for putting a modern twist on the Celtic Sound have come out with a new CD Songs From the Heart. The Songs from the Heart CD includes contemporary hits like Sting’s “Fields of Gold” and Billy Joel’s “Goodnight My Angel.”  Despite the new twist I must admit that my favorite song on the CD is "Amazing Grace"  which still manages to send chlls down my spine.

I have not seen Celtic Woman on tour put I would love to one day.  The are currently touring the across the US with their Songs From the Heart tour .  You  can go here to check out their tour dates and to see if they are coming to a city near you.  They also have a upcoming PBS special of the the tour  you will want to check out if you cannot see them in person.

I was given this CD to review from Music Moms but the opinions are purely my own.  No other compensation was received.

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matt0701 said...

I love Celtic Woman! This was a great opportunity for you. Would you be willing to share the contact info or web site for the place you got this music from? I notice its Music Moms, so maybe I wouldn't be qualified, but I love listening to new music!