Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I love this time of year when everything is coming back to life.  It never ceases to amaze me the beauty that God has provided for us in nature. There is no greater artist.

The  beautiful Bleeding Heart in the center of the photo is an example to me of how God can take the weak and make it mighty.  I bought this plant last year dirt cheap because it was nearly dead. I thought why not plant it and just see what happens.  I always wanted a Bleeding Heart so I planted it.  I was sure after about a week that it was completely dead.  I just left it  and watered  it when I watered the rest of the plants.  I told my husband last fall that it was gone.  It would not be the first time I had lost a plant.  A few weeks ago I was cleaning out the flower bed and I saw growth.  I was shocked.  Little did I imagine that it would turn into the beautiful plant you see with so many flowers. Every time I look at it I stop to thank God for the new life he brings to us each day and the hope of salvation that he has promised us.


shonebrooks said...

Can't argue with that! :-)

Judy said...

Love the picture and the thoughts. Isn't Spring marvelous with its lessons that God teaches us.

Ryan said...

Spring is my favourite time of the year, everything just feels so fresh.