Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Lesson in Making a Cup of Tea

Many of my regular readers know that my daughter is a tea lover like her mom. She is always asking me to make tea for her.  I have been a bit under the weather the last few days so I have been drinking a lot of tea.  The kids wanted some too  but the teapot was empty. My son decided he would make some himself.  After the water had finished boiling I just sat and listened as my 7 year was trying to explain to her older brother how to make tea. 

Things started a little shaky as he but the loose leaves right in his cup.  She told him that was alright  and just poor it all in the pot.  Instead of using the pot to make their tea they left what they poured in it,  got more tea and put it in a ball strainer to put in his cup,  That was alright because it meant Mom got to drink what they put in the pot.  She helped him with the cream and sugar which resulted in what my son called " the perfect cup of root beer tea."

To top it all off my daughter was then explaining to her brother the proper way to hold his cup.  Silly Mom got no pictures but just listening to them work on making a cup of tea together made my evening.  Now I know who to ask the next time I want a cup of tea.

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