Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tea Review-esp emporium Peach Truffle Black Tea

I recently discovered this great tea company on twitter.  You know I am always excited to try new teas and esp emporium was kind enough to  give me different teas to sample.  If you are looking for a some new and different teas I suggest that you give them a try. The variety of  loose teas they have is amazing.  So many wonderful sounding teas to choose from.

One of the teas that I sampled is their Peach Truffle black tea.  I am a huge fan of fruity teas so I was excited to taste this tea.  Before I taste any tea I always have to smell the tea in the package.  I have to be truthful and tell you that I was a bit afraid to try this tea because I did not like the smell at all. The taste was very pleasant though.  It is not your normal peace tea.  It has a nice sweet taste to it with a bit of a kick. It also has a hint of chocolate which makes it good choice for a dessert tea.It is a good choice to go with your holiday desserts.

If you are wanting to buy the tea lover on your holiday list a new tea I would recommend that you try out ESP Emporium.  They can bring the world to your teacup.  I should also mention all orders over $30 will receive free shipping.

This company sent me their product to sample.  All opinions are my own.

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