Monday, March 28, 2011

Nutella Mommy Party

I became aware of Nutella many years ago when I was in college.  It became on of my favorite snack items so when I was picked to host a MommyParties to host a Nutella party I was so excited.

Having sick kids in my house for several weeks I decided I would take my party instead to my ladies group at church.  They were so excited to get a unexpected gift and most were so excited to try the Nutella. I told them it would make a great spread for their morning bagels and English muffins.

I always new that I loved Nutella as a snack but I never considered it as a good breakfast option for me or my kids.  I have actually convinced my daughter she can eat whole wheat English muffins for breakfast. She can't believe I will let her have Nutella for breakfast.

When used in moderation with complementary foods, Nutella can be a part of a balanced meal. It is a quick and easy way to encourage kids to eat whole grains, such as whole wheat toast, English muffins, toaster waffles and bagels. With the unique taste of Nutella®, kids may think they are eating a treat for breakfast while  we as moms are helping nourish their children with whole grains.

 We as moms need to remember how important breakfast is for our children. A 2005 article summarized the results of over 30 studies on breakfast consumption by children and adolescents and its relationship with nutritional adequacy and academic performance. The study revealed the following:

* Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their nutrient intake recommendations over the course of the day than their breakfast-skipping peers.
* Eating breakfast may positively benefit cognitive function related to memory, academic performance and school attendance.
* Skipping breakfast has been linked to increased snacking during the day or higher intake of high fat snacks.

We are so excited to make Nutella part of our breakfast and to help you get excited make sure you go here to get a $1 coupon of a Nutella purchase.

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Sprout5 said...

Thanks for the coupon! Shea will thank you too when he has his fav nutella-peanutbutter sandwich!! :)