Monday, June 15, 2009

Time for Tea Tuesday

Did you know that June is National Ice Tea Month? Being a tea lover I always look forward to summer and big pitchers of Sweet Tea. My Sweet Tea is not like Southern Sweet Tea but just enough sugar to add a touch of sweetness. Yesterday I made a pitcher of Guava Iced Tea with tea I bought from 52 Teas. I am really into fruit teas lately. Adagio's Mango Tea is one of my favorites for Iced Tea as well as Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach Tea. For a classic Iced Tea my favorite tea to use is Luzianne. I make my Ice tea in a Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker which I really love and it makes the job so easy. For my loose tea I use T-sac Tea Filters and they work great in my tea maker.

When it comes to bottled Iced Tea I am big fan of Gold Peak Diet Tea. Honest Tea and Sweet Leaf Tea are also iced teas that I drink quite often. If you are looking for a refreshing beverage to drink this summer put down the soda and grab yourself some iced tea.
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Eric - Tea Finely Brewed said...

Hey Beth,

While I can see why it's ice tea month in the US, it's a bitter cold winter down here in Australia! Last night I rediscovered ginger tea. Great stuff on a cold day, especially if you let the ginger steep for a nice long time!


ItsAboutTea said...

I love iced tea in the warmer months. Like you I want just a hint of sweetness in my iced tea. I have been in the south many times and it is good tea but too sweet for me. Another thing I like to do with my sweet tea it add chunks of fresh fruit with it. It doesn't seem to matter what fruit you choose to use. They all taste good in tea. Allows you to use the same base tea and prepare it in many methods.

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2020 said...

Hi Beth! Oh yay! Someone that does Tea on Tuesdays too!! :) I LOVE the ginger peach tea...wish I could find the others. I've been into fruit teas lately too. I live in the south, but I always drink my tea plain (hot or cold), no sugar or sweetner. (I know, I know! How awful for a southern girl! LOL) Must be a summertime thing with the fruit teas! :) Hope you have a great Tea Day!

Unknown said...

That Gold Peak Diet tea sounds great - I will have to look for it. I can't handle fully sweetened tea either, so your sweet sounds just right! I love having an iced tea maker - and you can put loose tea in ours without a bag, so it's great.

Have a wonderful day!